Hi, I’m Karan.


An Artist, Photographer & Architect by profession. With a keen interest in design & aesthetics, my Journey as an artist started around a decade ago in the lap of nature, amidst the Himalayas - enough of a reason not only confined to the length and breadth of the canvas I could not keep myself from capturing life through the lens of my camera for long. Hence with a formal knowledge of art & perspectives, photography too became my tool.


Formally, completed my education as an architect which in turn polished my passion for art & aesthetics. Won various national awards in art & photography & 1major International Photography Award for a few works of mine;  Lived in various cities in India and Europe, and ended up making my bed in the capital city of India.



Having had various projects to my name for various magazines, I love spending a good amount of time on personal projects, exhibitions and travelling, of which Architectural/Interior Photography and Art 

work for Interior spaces/residences/hotels etc constitutes a major part. Looking Forward to indulge in collaborations with Architectural Firms for Architectural/Interior photo shoots and paintings in interior décor projects.